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Nanoglider XCT 30 ml. 132
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Environmentally friendly and free of fluorinecarbon. This Nanoglider are for temperatures from -10 to -25 degrees C. Suitable for all types of snow. Highly water and dirt repellent! Easy application.  Apply with the sponge on the bottle. Ready for use just after a few minutes. The glider is very effective and stays on  mile  after mile. Clean first the ski base  with ScanGlide Wax Remover. This conditions the base and opens the pores of the skibase allowing ScanGlide NanoGlider XCT  enter  deep  into the sole. A bottle of ScanGlide NanoGlider XCT 30 ml. consumption to approximately 20-30 applications, so it is very durable in use.

How to apply ScanGlide::