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About us

The story of ScanGlide started in Norway in 2012 when we became aware of how harmful fluorinecarbons in products for waxing skis are. We experienced after standing in a ski preparation room where the smoke from the application of powder products filled the room. At this time, the focus of this problem wasn`t very knowned, but we were convinced that this was not good, neither for those who had the job of applying this, or for the nature. Meanwhile, we heard rumors that many who prepare skis in a job like this, not felt so good after a while in a ski preparation room.

The challenge for us was to be able to construct an environmentally friendly product that could compete with fluorinecarbon waxing products. This was clearly what worked best, and although fluorinated wax was harmful, they use this from top level skiers and down to the father that gliding skies of its hopefuls to use this.

For two years we researched this, and after a lot of trial and error, we developed  the recipe we use in our products today; Nano Glider MT, CT, XCT, XR and Topping. The result is amazing! Many people have tested these and the answer is unambiguous; They  notice not  any difference  in gliders from ScanGlide vs. other products with this deadly  fluorinecarbons.

In 2017, we felt confident in launching our gliders in the elite class. We are absolutely convinced that our products will make a safer day, both for the health and the environment.


ScanGlide; The environmentally friendly glider!

Erik Leander Paule, CEO,
+47 959 66 959